MykolaBurdeinyihad a traumatic reaction and suffered mentally after the incredible emergency break. For the first time he tells his story.

The video schocked tens of millions of people worldwide and was broadcasted on major international television networks.

The new gamesite gives the 2017 “Hero of the year” award and a money prize to Mykola.

With the reflexes of a superhero he stopped his semi-truck and a young boy survived against all odds.
-This means a lot, Mykola says. For the first time he tells his story about the horrifying seconds and the aftermath.

An angel on watch
Some media headlines have stated that the boy had “a guardian angel.” -In we think that the angel on guard this day was MykolaBurdeinyi, according to Jan Strøm from Casinsi. -But human angels can have scars on their souls. We hope that Mykola heals well from the traumatic incident, and listens to all those who praise him.

Dashcam-video instantly went viral
A Norwegian driver from the transport-company Transferd had a dashcam on his truck, filming as he waited behind the bus. Transferd published the video last November as a warning to bus drivers and passengers. Instantly the video went viral, and was picked up by big international online media and tv networks.

Two experienced drivers realisedisasterabout to happen
For the first time since the miraculous emergency brake on June 19, Mykola tells his story. Mykola has years of experience withtruck transportation and is employed in Latvian Kreiss. This summer day he is on his way westwards along Highway 7 towards the Norwegian westcoast.
In the opposite direction, the truck driver Tor-Bjørn Kyrkjebø drives his cargo for Transferd, He is also an experienced driver. Hisdashboard camera shows that there is some afternoon traffic south of the Gol community this afternoon. In front of Kyrkjebø, a bus suddenly stopsin the middle of the road.Kyrkjebøcannot pass, and is waiting behind the bus when five children leave the bus.
Kyrkjebø sees the semi-trailer coming over the bus roof and honks and flashes the lights in panic to get the children’s attention and signal to the semi-truck approaching. Perhaps of this Mykola changed his foot to the brake pedal. Mykola does not remember. But a boy crosses the road.

Shocked and unable to speak
It took five minutes before Mykola was able to go on. “I could hardly talk the next 24 hours,” he explains. -The next days were very though.
He tells about the shock. The boy who could have died, but who appeared in front of the car and disappeared from the road, completely unharmed. Mykola had managed to slow down, reacting miraculously quickly. Afterwards came thoughts and feelings. About how close he had been to causing the death of a young child.

Receives unreserved support from the Norwegian driver

Photo: Private / Tor-Bjørn Kyrkjebø regrets not stopping to talk to Mykola.
Tor-Bjørn Kyrkjebøhad a lot of attention from media channels from all over the world, but Mykolawanted to keep quiet and have some time to process the incident.
“It was a queue behind, and I did not stop to talk to Mykola, but I regret that I didn’t. It is well deserved that he receives this award,”says Tor-Bjørn Kyrkjebø. He asks us to send his regards to Mykola, and is crystal clear:
-I had stood up for him 100% even if it had gone wrong. Because he was completely innocent. The bus should never have stopped at that spot, according to the experienced Norwegian colleague.

Mykola back on the road
Mykola is back behind the steering wheel and still drives for Kreiss in Scandinavia. He has had some though days since June 19, and has avoided media attention. But for the Ukrainian from Odessa there has been no choice to leave his profession. “It is the workwhere I have experience and can make a livelihood.,” he comments.
The employer praises Mykola: “The reaction and his precision saved a child,” Kreiss writes on the company Facebook site.

Human reflexes – not technology
Youtube and Facebook were filled with comments and theories about the incredible incident.
The Kreiss semi-trailer was the latest Volvo model. Could it be advanced electronics that discovered the boy and activated the emergency braking system?
After the incident, Kreiss and Volvo investigated what had happened. They checked If the new emergency braking technology had been activated.
The conclusion was clear: It was solely Mykola’s quick reaction that saved a young life.

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